Car Ownership 101 for Newbies

Are you brand-new to the world of car ownership? You may have recently passed your test and picked up your first set of wheels, with the primary objective of enjoying your new-found freedom. You may realise that you need to look after this car and make sure that it is serviced by a mechanic from time to time if you are going to get reasonable value for money and avoid any breakdowns. However, there are some specific tips that you can also take to the bank that will help you to maintain your mode of transportation. What are some simple things you can do going forward?

This Is the Least You Can Do

As you know, the engine is the beating heart of the vehicle and has to put up with a lot of abuse from younger or inexperienced drivers. The good news is that it will generally cope, so long as you make sure it is properly lubricated. You may be tempted to go into your local discount store and pick up some generic engine oil for a couple of dollars. This is not a good move as your engine is not designed to work with that stuff but is precisely tuned for a particular viscosity product. It's crucial to feed your engine with the right grade of oil, so refer to the owner's manual for guidance.

It's Your Treat

When you're at the petrol pump you may notice that there are only two or three choices. While your vehicle may work on the fuel that's marketed at the lower end of the range, you should think about treating it once in a while. Save up some coins so that you can buy a premium octane once per month and this will help to detoxify the system, clean out the injectors and be an all-around benefit.

What's Underneath?

After the engine, the transmission system takes the most amount of abuse on the open road and engineers have developed special fluids to help with the cause. Make sure that you check these levels at the same time as you look at the engine dipstick and get someone to change it whenever indicated. This relatively simple task can shield you from expensive and time-consuming repairs in the future.

Making Sure You Can Stop

Finally, get up close and personal with another lubricant—the brake fluid. This is another trick product that is designed for harsh conditions and is primarily responsible for your safety. Get into the habit of replacing it at least once every year.

Into the Service Bay

This attention to detail may make you a conscientious car owner, but you need to go even further than this. Always take the vehicle into a qualified mechanic at recommended intervals, so that they can deal with any outstanding problems.

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