3 Signs Your Diesel Fuel Pump Is Due for Diagnosis

Diesel engines are some of the most powerful engines you will find in the markets. However, like all engines, your diesel engine may start underperforming after some time. For instance, a faulty fuel pump can affect your diesel engine's performance. Fortunately, the engine will always exhibit some symptoms when you have a defective fuel pump. Therefore, it's vital to notice such signs or symptoms early enough to plan for the necessary repairs. Various diagnostic tests can be done to identify the source of the issue and the required remedies. Considering this, here are some basic signs that you need to run a fuel pump diagnosis on your diesel engine.

Unusual High-Pitched Sounds

Unusual noises are some of the most common indicators of a failing diesel fuel pump. You may hear squealing, squeaking or whistling noises. Generally, fuel pumps give off some sound that goes away gradually as your engine continues running. You will hear the sound coming from your fuel tank, and it's usually a low hum. However, sudden loud and whining noises that won't go away typically indicate that you have a faulty fuel pump.

Sputtering/Jerking Engine

Does your engine sputter or jerk at high speeds? A failing diesel fuel pump could be the culprit. The fuel pump is designed to ensure a smooth flow of fuel to your engine. Therefore, if it's faulty, your engine may only receive air instead of fuel. Usually, this happens periodically and when driving at high speeds. When your engine receives air instead of fuel, it misses power strokes, causing it to jerk or sputter.

It may be hard to attribute jerking or sputtering to a faulty fuel pump during the initial stages of the problem. That's because it generally doesn't take long before your engine picks up, and you're likely to attribute this to fuel contamination that tends to exhibit similar signs. For this reason, you may end up flushing your fuel system and refilling it with fresh fuel. However, doing this will only worsen the problem. Therefore, take your vehicle for a diesel fuel pump diagnosis as soon as you notice this to prevent costlier repairs.

Power Issues When Under Stress

Does your vehicle seem to lose power when under stress? You may notice this when accelerating, towing or driving uphill. Such situations put your engine under pressure, calling for more fuel to meet the increased power demand. Therefore, a faulty diesel fuel pump will fail to keep up with the increased fuel demand from your engine, resulting in loss of power.

It's important to properly assess the condition of your engine. To learn more, contact a company that offers diesel diagnostics.

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