Why You Need to Be Sensible When Upgrading Your Turbo

Do you do a lot of driving for pleasure? If so, you'll be interested in how your car performs when you're out on the open road, so you can truly enjoy your adventure and classify yourself as a real "petrol head." As such an avid enthusiast, you will always be looking for ways to improve your car and may not be happy with the standard equipment fitted from the factory. One of your first areas of focus should be the turbocharger, which provides the instantaneous power necessary for your spirited drive. But you should you be careful when you choose replacement parts.

Being Realistic

As you may know, vehicle parts can be expensive, and as soon as you start to upgrade some of the components, costs can soon add up.

Some people may be tempted to cut corners when they do their shopping and will often go online to find the lowest available cost. The Internet can provide a wide range of options together with guide prices, and you may take this information to your local parts store to see if they can match it.

False Economies

This is not the way to approach the subject, especially if you're looking for reliability and consistency. In the case of the turbocharger, cutting corners can be even worse than not upgrading at all.

The turbo is a very carefully engineered device that has to spin at incredibly high speeds within a narrow tolerance if it is to work properly. When you look at some of those cheaper alternatives that are often sourced in the Far East, longevity may not be their strong point.

Cheap and Poor Parts

For example, these manufacturers may have chosen materials that will fit within their budget parameters and are cheaper than the recommended alternative. The thrust bearings are particularly important when it comes to dealing with friction, and they should be machined out of phosphor bronze. You may find that your cut-price turbo has bearings that are stamped from steel instead, and other components may have been replaced by heavier, weaker or cheaper metals.

Dedicated Facilities

The best turbochargers on the market are made by companies that have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with workshops that are akin to a medical operating theatre. They conduct tests to ensure that their products are fit for the purpose and have built-in safeguards if they were to fail. Can you be sure that your cheap turbo has also been manufactured with these sentiments in mind?

A Lot at Stake

Remember, your weekend motoring adventures are very important to you, as they help you to get over the stresses and strains of everyday life. You don't want to add to your misery by fitting cheap parts to your vehicle, so you should always buy from a reliable source instead.

For more information, contact a local auto shop about turbo service

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