Top 3 Things to Contemplate When Shopping for a Refrigerated Van

Are you in the market for a refrigerated van? Deciphering the refrigerated van industry can seem difficult, especially if you've just started their own businesses. But if you know what to look at, finding the right van shouldn't be a big burden.

Here's a look at some key factors to ponder over when looking for the right van with refrigeration. 

Your temperature requirements

Like other refrigerated vehicles, vans with refrigerated systems include temperature control equipment used to set the desired temperature range inside the cargo-carrying container.  When looking at the various options available to you, consider what you will be carrying and the temperature range you will need to maintain in order to ensure the cargo reaches the intended destination fresh or in good condition.

The temperature requirements of perishables like fresh fruits and vegetables aren't similar to those of frozen foods like ice cream, for example. So, look for a van that matches the temperature you need. 

The payload of your van

In road transportation, payload refers to the maximum amount of weight that a vehicle can carry with both passengers and cargo on board. It's important to consider this because you won't want to overload your refrigerated van and pose road safety hazards.

Establishing the quantity of goods you can economically carry per trip is an effective way to ensure you choose a properly sized unit. 

The wheelbase of your van

This consideration is particularly important if you're in the pallet-delivery business, which involves using wooden or other types of pallets to transport temperature-sensitive goods. But what's wheelbase? It's the distance between the centre of the wheels at the front and centre of the wheels at the back of the vehicle. 

There are three main categories of wheelbases available for your van—short wheel base, medium wheel base, and long wheel base, and the measurements of each category may differ across vehicle brands. 

Wheelbase affects the amount of load space you will have for pallets. The longer the wheelbase, the greater the amount of load space available, as there will be more space between the centres of the front and rear wheels. Plus, a longer wheelbase will make rides less bumpy at speed because it provides a larger vehicle footprint.

If you take the above factors into consideration, finding the right refrigerated van should be easier for you. If you have specific concerns or questions regarding your purchase, feel free to consult a professional that deals in refrigerated vans

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