What to Do if Your Diesel Fuel Injectors Play up

As you may know, a diesel engine uses a different combustion process to a typical petrol-engined counterpart, and it is normally very efficient. It does rely on very precise fuel delivery, however, and this is one area that can cause issues for the average motorist in the normal course of driving. As you need to pay close attention to the condition of your fuel injectors to try and stave off any problems or potential breakdown, what symptoms should you be looking for?

Tell-Tale Signs

High-quality fuel injectors allow your engine to run very smoothly and give you optimal performance. Certain signs will indicate that it's time for you to take the vehicle to a mechanic and whereas you may come across these pointers individually, the presence of two or more should definitely prompt you to take action.

Extra Costs

You probably keep a close eye on your fuel efficiency, simply to make sure that you can budget for your motoring costs on a monthly basis. If you notice that this efficiency is falling off, then this could be due to an injection system that has become partially blocked. This may affect how much fuel is delivered to the engine chamber and severely affect your overall efficiency.

Getting Going

You may also notice that you have trouble starting the vehicle in the morning and, once again, this could be due to congestion within the filters or degradation. If you notice this even when you have a full tank, it's a strong indicator.

On Road Performance

What happens when you are trying to overtake a slower vehicle and accelerating at full power? If you notice a misfire or a general stutter, this is one of the biggest signs of a malfunctioning injector. Sometimes, you may feel as if your transmission is faulty as the engine seems to be "stuck" at higher revolutions without a corresponding increase in forward progress. This could be a sign that your injection system is leaking or is otherwise clogged.

Strong Smell

Finally, if you can smell a strong fuel odour, diesel may be leaking from the injectors under high pressure. This is a potentially dangerous situation and should definitely get your attention.

Taking It in

It's best if you leave injector maintenance to a qualified mechanic from a safety and efficiency point of view. The good news is that they will be able to change your injectors and return your vehicle to high-performance, without too much delay.

For more information, contact your local Denso authorised dealers.

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