How to Protect Your Vehicle from the Indigenous Wildlife

Did you know that 88% of animal-related vehicle collisions in Australia involve an unfortunate kangaroo? These creatures bounce their way in front of unsuspecting motorists most frequently in the wintertime and especially around dawn or dusk. If you spend a lot of your time in rural locations at those times of day, then you need to protect your off-road vehicle from such an encounter so you can look after your investment, if not for the animal's sake.

If you don't have any form of protection fitted to the front of your vehicle, you should consider adding a nudge bar or a full bull bar as soon as possible.

Bull Bar Benefits

In Australia, this safety device should be known as a "kangaroo" bar, but it will provide the necessary protection for the front of your vehicle as it dissipates the energy through the rest of the vehicle. It is mounted in such a way that the impact can be fed through the chassis and this will help to protect your front end, as well as the occupants.

Attention to Detail

However, you do need to make sure that you get the best quality aftermarket components and make sure that you buy heavy-duty mounting equipment as well. Always conform to the manufacturer recommendations for your particular vehicle and fit the bull bar correctly, as otherwise, your insurance company may not like what they see and could refuse to pay out.

In particular, the bar cannot be wider than the normal profile of the vehicle and cannot have any sharp edges. The frame is to be closed and not open-ended and you cannot have any additional components protruding from the front (such as brackets).

Fitting Extras

You can, however, fit some recommended products to the bull bar such as a winch, but once again, always be sure to follow the recommended guidelines. Similarly, make sure that you fit any auxiliary driving lights so that they conform with road laws and help you to pick out any marauding creatures in advance.

Always fit these aftermarket components properly, as there's nothing worse than what appears to be an amateur job completed over a weekend, as this will detract from the look and appeal of your vehicle.

Don't Risk It

Before you head out into the sunset, make sure that you are aware of low-flying kangaroos and fit your bull bar first. For more information, contact Jeep auto parts suppliers.

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