How to Fulfil Your Dream of Becoming a Truck Driver

Do you love the call of the open road and fancy the idea of a career behind the wheel? You may be a self-motivated individual but prefer the pleasure of your own company and want to explore your home country while being paid for the privilege. If so, you may also be aware that there is an increasing demand for long-distance truck drivers and may think that this is perfect for you, but you do have to get the right amount of training and procure the proper truck licence first. Where should you start?

Get the Right Licence

Some people decide to take this step-by-step and upgrade gradually over the years ahead. They will want to move from a normal car licence to a light truck permit before going all the way up, so that they can pilot a road train. You should know that individual states have very different requirements and you should check in first before you start, however.

If you want to get a light rigid licence so you can drive small trucks or even buses in your city, you will usually be required to have held a standard licence for at least a year. If you want to jump right ahead to a heavy rigid licence, however and have never driven a truck before, then you must have been behind the wheel of a car for at least two years.

Build Up Initial Experience

You will need to build up some experience before you think about applying for the licence. You need to start off within a controlled environment and this is usually in the form of a heavy vehicle driving school. Check out the facilities that are in your neighbourhood as some of them are devoted to specific categories.

If you want to transfer your driving to the public road, you must be accompanied by a fully qualified instructor in whatever category you focus on. You may be able to do this before you are theoretically eligible to get your licence, but you must wait until the date threshold has passed before you can formally apply.

Understand the Test

The driving test will typically come in three different parts and you may well be expected to undergo a medical examination in your state or territory. This typically kicks in when you pass a certain age, but you will definitely have to provide details of your medical history in any case. You will also be tested to make sure that you understand the theory and all the road laws associated with this high-pressure form of driving.

Prepare for the Big Day

You will be responsible for providing the truck when you sit your practical assessment. Just make sure that you are aware of the cost involved in doing so and understand that you will have to show your skills in front of an independent expert during the test. It's a good idea to become familiar with the expected test route if you can get this information in advance, so that you are not in a strange environment and under even more pressure than you would be otherwise.

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